Dial **ZIP to Quickly Post Job Openings For Free

ZipRecruiter is a hiring platform for employers and job seekers. Employers can find qualified candidates through ZipRecruiter’s network of 100+ job sites, its powerful matching technology, and its targeting features. Job seekers can search over eight million job openings and apply for positions with just one click.

To increase brand awareness and job postings, ZipRecruiter ran radio spots featuring **ZIP, powered by StarStar Mobile. The radio ads were featured on Sirius XM shows, including “Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup,” “Fox Business,” and “Joel Osteen.” Listeners called **ZIP  received a text message link to a mobile-friendly site where they could quickly post job openings for free.

ROI on radio ads can be challenging, especially for direct response campaigns. But with an easy-to-recall CTA – call **ZIP to quickly post job openings – StarStar Mobile provided measurable ROI for ZipRecruiter.

**ZIP provided more effective ROI for ZipRecruiters radio ads.