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The tolling industry is tackling multiple challenges at once – from business imperatives, technology advancements, to government policies. All involve the adoption of new technologies. What’s not so clear is which technologies to adopt and when top deploy them.

Amidst these uncertainties, there is this constant: mobile technology. Nearly ubiquitous, multi-functional, and future-proof, mobile phones are a natural communications platform for tolling companies and travelers. They can be used for road alerts, account notifications, payment information, and much more.

Unlocking these big mobile opportunities is where StarStar Mobile comes in.

StarStar Mobile is a customer engagement solution that helps businesses connect to audiences on mobile devices through text, voice, and online communications.

StarStar Mobile provides tolling companies with have an easy, intuitive way to connect and engage with travelers on mobile devices. We offer short, branded ** numbers that toll companies can promote on road signage and other communications platforms. When callers initiate contact, StarStar Mobile harnesses the customer data for continued engagement.

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