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StarStar Mobile Helps Build Your Brand

StarStar Mobile makes your radio stations visual and user-friendly for listeners. Our mobile engagement solution provides listeners with the easiest way to reach and interact with your station using an easy-to-remember ** number. The StarStar Mobile platform immediately delivers strategically selected audio, SMS and digital content.

  1. Engagement starts when listener calls **RADIO
  2. Caller hears custom voice message
  3. StarStar Mobile delivers content via SMS
  4. StarStar Mobile collects and tracks data
  5. Listener is transferred to Visual Engagement
  6. Listener connects to radio station

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Grow Your Product With StarStar Mobile

When listeners hear something of interest and dial your ** number, they get immediate access to your radio station. The listener is taken to your station’s personalized and customizable IVR where they can see and interact with everything they hear.

Learn How StarStar Mobile Helps Grow Your Product

StarStar Mobile Empowers Your Business

StarStar Mobile is the only platform which can deliver a visual ad, coupon or offer to a listener at the exact moment the listener is hearing the ad on the radio.

We provide stations with access to an Analytics Dashboard, where they can track and review metrics for every campaign, promotion or other content they run in the Visual Engagement.

Voice command works with keywords as show in the diagram.

Learn How StarStar Mobile Empowers Your Business

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