Dial **DEBT For Help With Your Debts

Consumer debt is at an all time high in America. According to the New York Fed, total household debt reached a peak $13.21 trillion in the first quarter of 2018. In a separate 2017 report by Experian, the average American household owes $16,883 in credit cards, with individuals averaging a balance of $6375, up nearly three percent from the previous year.

National Debt Relief aims to improve the state of consumer debt in America. The company provides  debt reduction services, financial consultations, and education. Its mission: to become the number one most recognized source in America for bankruptcy-free consumer debt settlements.

As part of accomplishing this mission, National Debt Relief Chief Marketing Officer Grant Eckert focuses on driving brand awareness and qualified applicants – while maintaining efficiencies in marketing spend and resources. For Eckert, data is fundamental to marketing performance. He and his team use data to test, measure, and optimize every campaign.

The Need For Data-Driven Mobile Led National Debt Relief to StarStar Mobile

CMO Grant Eckert saw the sizable opportunity in reaching consumers on their mobile devices. He needed a solution to power the company’s mobile marketing, one that could deliver on three capabilities: mobile, measurement, and multichannel attribution. StarStar Mobile met Eckert’s requirements and is presently a top-performing marketing channel for National Debt Relief.

National Debt Relief leverages StarStar Mobile’s full suite of features across text, voice, and online channels. Here’s how:

  • First, StarStar Mobile collaborated with National Debt Relief to set up and connect campaign touchpoints:
    • An easy-to-remember phone number, **DEBT, chosen by National Debt Relief for use as a campaign call-to-action (CTA).
    • A customized voice recording that provides callers with a selection of options, such as connecting directly with a certified debt consultant.
    • A branded mobile landing page optimized for mobile engagement, e.g., a purchase, download, form-fill, etc.
    • A customized text message with a trackable link to the mobile landing page
  • By simply logging in to its StarStar Mobile account, National Debt Relief modifies any of the above touchpoints as needed, e.g., to optimize a campaign or create a new one.
  • National Debt Relief launches a campaign, e.g., a radio ad, with a CTA to call **DEBT.
  • When listeners dial **DEBT, they reach a customized voice recording, with the option to speak with a certified debt consultant from National Debt Relief.
  • At the same moment, StarStar Mobile sends an SMS link from National Debt Relief that clicks through to a mobile site with information about debt relief and a signup from to receive a free assessment tool.

National Debt Relief Radio Ad With **DEBT

**DEBT is among the top three most effective customer acquisition channels for National Debt Relief.