Say 'Hello' to Your Branded ** Number

The only CTA you need for growth marketing

StarStar Mobile is a software platform that helps brands drive audience engagement from offline advertising to online channels – and track the path to conversion.

Our solution starts with a simple, short, and memorable CTA: a vanity mobile number prefixed by **, e.g., **ESPN. We activate the branded ** mobile number(s) of your choice and manage the customer touchpoints  across voice, text, and online channels.


How StarStar Mobile Works

Step 1

Your run marketing campaigns with your branded ** mobile number.

Step 2

Customers call your ** number from their mobile phones.

Step 3

We send an SMS link to your customized mobile site, i.e., Visual Engagement.

Step 4

Customers can convert via Visual Engagement, or we can connect them to a live agent.

StarStar Mobile delivers value beyond initial mobile connection

Additional capabilities include:

Mobile to multichannel communications: voice, text, and online.

Customized greeting and call routing.

Multichannel re-targeting capabilities.

Multi-touch attribution and real-time reporting.

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