The Formula For DRTV Success

64% of Americans simultaneously watch TV and use a digital device. Among those, 71% use mobile devices to explore online information related to the TV content they are viewing.

Cross-device usage, rather than dividing the audience's attention, is augmenting TV viewing. For TV advertisers, this increasing trend highlights the need for an omnichannel approach, specifically one that incorporates digital. StarStar Mobile bridges that gap.


StarStar Mobile helps advertisers connect to audiences through text, voice, and online communications. Our solution starts with a simple CTA: a short vanity mobile number, prefixed by **, that viewers call to make a purchase––or take a specific action based on the advertiser's objective.

When callers dial an advertiser's ** number from a mobile phone, StarStar Mobile bridges the connection from offline to online. This enables the advertiser to extend engagement with 1:1 targeting through digital channels.

* Nielsen Total Audience Report 2018

How StarStar Mobile Works

Step 1

Your DRTV ad with branded ** mobile number as CTA.

Step 2

Viewers respond with call to ** number from mobile phones.

Step 3

Calls trigger an SMS link to  customized mobile site.

Step 4

Customers convert onsite or connect to a live agent.

StarStar Mobile replaces––or works in tandem with––1-800 numbers

People prize choice. And today, the abundance of consumer choices has never been more prevalent. StarStar Mobile enables you to provide multiple engagement options to your audience––from offline and online channels to various CTAs. 

We have extensive experience with DRTV, as several of our longtime customers are advertisers and agencies in the industry. Initially, these customers hesitated to replace the 1-800 number with a ** number CTA, especially for older audiences, who are accustomed to using 1-800 numbers.

Change can be risky and we certainly understand that. So, against conventional wisdom, we tested campaigns promoting both CTAs in tandem against a control with just a 1-800 CTA. The result: the campaigns with two CTAs increased customer engagement and delivered a higher conversion rate.

StarStar Mobile delivers value beyond initial mobile connection

Mobile to multichannel communications: voice, text, and online.

Customized greeting and call routing.

Multichannel re-targeting capabilities.

Multi-touch attribution and real-time reporting.

Measure and optimize campaigns with real-time reporting

Brands that trust us

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