Dial **TBM For Toll Payment Info

The New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA) operates the Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway comprising 569.83 miles of highway across the state of New York. An estimated 250 million vehicles travel more than eight billion miles on the Thruway each year.

In 1993, NYSTA became the first agency in the Northeast to implement an electronic toll collection system. This form of cashless tolling has greatly reduced congestion, improved safety, and decreased air pollution. Cashless tolling, however, brings one small problem with big costs: uncollected toll payments. While only a small percentage of motorists fail to pay tolls, the aggregate due fees can amount to millions per year – funds that are vital to repairing roads and bridges.

NYSTA enlisted StarStar Mobile to help alleviate toll leakage and improve customer experience. We established a call number, **TBM, an acronym for “Tolls By Mail” that is widely-recognized by commuters. Through road signs with instructions to call **TBM for toll payment info, drivers can pay tolls, create an E-ZPass account, or access travel resources.

Within days of erecting just a handful of **TBM signs, NYSTA saw a 900% increase in online toll transactions, from toll payments to E-ZPass signups.

**TBM increased toll transactions by 900%.