Dial **GGB For Toll Payment Info

The Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District is a government agency that owns and operates the transportation services throughout the Golden Gate Corridor, from San Francisco to Sonoma County. The agency charges toll fees as a key source of revenue to fund road and bridge repairs and upgrades.

Like most toll companies, the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District encounters toll leakage, i.e., some drivers fail to pay tolls due to various loopholes. While the percentage of non-paying drivers is low, the aggregate lost revenue per year can add up to millions of dollars. To counter toll leakage and improve customer experience, the agency leverages StarStar Mobile for mobile communications. Commuters traveling through the Golden Gate Corridor can pay tolls and access info in various languages by simply dialing **GGB.

**GGB provides drivers with easy access to toll payment options, reducing overall toll leakage.