Dial **CDL to Learn About Truck Driver Training

Truck drivers are in high demand. In fact, there’s a huge shortage of truck drivers nationwide. As a result, truck driver salaries are more competitive than ever, with first year salaries starting at $45,000 plus benefits and bonus. More experienced truck drivers command close to a $200,000 salary.

The main requirement for a career in truck driving is a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL ), which certifies an individual has the skills and knowledge necessary to operate commercial motor vehicles. States issue a CDL to candidates who pass a written and driving test at a state or approved testing facility. Training is the other critical component to landing a truck driving job, as most carriers won’t hire a candidate without proper training even if  s/he passed the CDL exam.

That’s where Roadmaster Drivers School comes in. The company is a professional, hands on truck driving school with multiple campuses located across the United States. Students receive the 160 hours of training required to pass the CDL exam and get hired as a truck driver.

Roadmaster enlisted StarStar Mobile to help drive brand awareness and applicants to its truck driver training program. More specifically, Roadmaster chose StarStar Mobile because it needed an effective solution to reach target audiences on their mobile devices.

To deliver on Roadmaster’s objectives, StarStar Mobile created a dedicated phone number, **CDL, and a branded mobile engagement site. Roadmaster incorporates these elements in marketing campaigns, most operatively by including the call-to-action to dial **CDL for more information. When callers dial **CDL, they reach a voice recording that gives them the option to speak with a Roadmaster representative. Callers simultaneously receive an SMS link that clicks through to Roadmaster’s mobile landing page, where they can find training locations, apply for training, or see truck driver pay.

Through StarStar Mobile’s analytics dashboard, Roadmaster views campaign engagement and results in real time. Since using StarStar Mobile, Roadmaster has seen a marked increase in call inquiries, as well as applications.

Roadmaster Drivers School Radio Ad With **CDL CTA

Callers dial **CDL to find Roadmaster locations and apply for training.